Internet Speed Test - Speed Meter

Fast and complete internet connection speed test for India, including download, upload speed and latency.

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Things that may affect your Internet Speed Test results

  • Placement Matters. Place your gateway or wireless router in a centralized spot in your home. Keep it out in the open. Avoid cabinets, closets, and places that may accidentally get covered up(by a pillow, backpack, jacket, etc.)
  • Consumer Device Capabilities. Some Internet Speeds are faster than many devices can handle. 
  • Stay Current. Are your operating systems for your computer and laptop and Internet browsers up to date? To achievethe best results, make sure they are. Also make sure that youhave an up to date modem and gateway.
  • Friendly reminder. Wireless speeds are typically slower than wired connections due to wireless hardware limitation

How To Start Internet Speed Test ?

Before starting the test and measuring your connection, we recommend you to close all programs, stop any service that uses the internet, such as updates, and connect directly to the input of your provider, preferably via a network cable in the modem or router in your home. These measures ensure more accurate test results. speed meter

During the speed test, we select the best server automatically, but you can also choose manually by clicking on the "Automatic server selection" option and choosing one of your preference. To measure your connection, simply press the "Start Test" button! We take care of the rest.

Download Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest

Measuring download speed is the main information for this test. It represents how fast your connection is downloading things from the internet, and should approach the speed you hired at the carrier. For example: if the contracted connection is 10Mbps and the test showed that its download speed is between 8 Mbps and 10 Mbps, the connection is good.

Upload Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest

When you send information to another computer over the internet, you are uploading. The speed of sending files is usually different from the download connection. With the upload speed test on the TecMundo speedometer, you can gauge how fast you can attach a file in an email, post photos on social networks, or upload files to the cloud.

Latency / Ping Test

The latency test reports the delay time between input and output information. Generally, this delay is barely perceptible, since it is based on milliseconds. Measuring and knowing the value of ping can help identify some problems and improve

More information about Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčMeter

The Internet Speedometer also shows what your current IP is, in addition to the Operating System and Browser versions. All this helps to identify any problem that your connection may have, through a complete diagnosis. So that you can contact your service provider if there is a problem.

After performing the test, just check the results and compare with the contracted speed values ‚Äč‚Äčin your internet plan. The speed meter is free and can be tested as many times as you want!

So just tell the results to your friends and share the speed test results.

Internet Operator

The speedometer automatically detects the internet service provider you use. But the speed calculation is done regardless of the provider.

The speed of the internet is measured also without regard to its type of connection, be it 3G, 4G, WiFi, dial-up internet, broadband internet, cable, ADSL, fiber etc. Therefore, check to see how your device is connected before starting the test.


The IP is also checked, it is the address that identifies your computer on the internet. During our test you can discover yours.


The speed test identifies and displays which browser is used and its version as well as the operating system.

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