-What is Internet Speed Test ?
Internet Speed Test is dedicated to helping users across the world to check their Internet Speed against ADSL , DSL , Modem , Cable Modem , Wi-Fi and other related broadband services . 
To Start you Internet Speed Test click on the botton of Start Speed Test and our Server will catculate your Internet Speed Test and show you your actual Internet Speed .
Do you feel that your internet is slower than it should be when uploading or downloading? Maybe you have already contacted your internet service provider (ISP) and was told that you are getting all that you should be, or maybe you are just driving yourself crazy dealing with it. Did you know that you can test your own internet speed? It's simple to do and you won't need to download anything to take an internet speed test.
Our reliable internet speed test will let you know how your service compares with other internet service provider's service. If you have DSL and should be downloading at 384 kbps, we can tell you if you are getting that speed. If you want to make sure, you can use our internet speed test several times.
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We are free to use no matter how many times you test and if you register with our site we will keep track of your internet's numbers. You could test at various times throughout the day to see if certain times during the day make your internet speed tests slower. You may be surprised to find out that your internet's speed is actually better than your ISP said it would be during other times of the day. It doesn't matter how often you test, it's free to use.
Our company is based in India but no matter where you are, our internet speed test will give you the results you need. If you know what times of day you are having trouble or if you can tell your internet service provider that you are testing slowly, maybe you will get help to improve your internet speed test scores. They will be able to tell you if it is a problem with them or tell you what you need to do to get better internet service.
Slow internet speed tests could be caused by a wide range of issues, depending on what type of service you use. If you use satellite to connect to the internet, maybe your dish has moved a little or you have a tree limb that is blocking its signal. If you have DSL service or a cable connection, you could have damage or breaks in the line near your home. You won't know why your internet is slow until you start tracing your problem and your service provider can't fix an issue that they don't know about. The easiest way to do it is to run internet speed tests.As a customer who pays for their internet, your net speed should be the amount you pay for. Why pay for high speed internet when you are getting dial up service? Who would want to deal with the issues? High speed internet can cost you up a substantial bit more than dial up. If that is all you are getting then you are overpaying. Why waste your hard earned money? Using an internet speed test to check your download/upload service will mean you don't have to settle.
Why wait? Take an internet speed test. Get your proof. Show your internet service provider that you need help with your slow connection. All it takes is a few moments of your time and the click of a button on your browser .
How Internet Speed Test Works ?
Working process of your speed test is very simple . When you click on Start Speed Test button a file downloades from our site and that calculated your Internet Speed .
Note : The file which we sent to your computer / Laptop / i-pad / mobile devices doesnot contain any malware or virus .